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Upbeat Heart Support Group' is a registered independent charity set up by ex-cardiac patients with the aim of providing exercise, social and health educational activities for those who have had heart attacks or other heart related problems and their partner or carer.

Upbeat exercise sessions, run by qualified professional instructors and overseen by cardiac advisers are held weekly at Bury St Edmunds in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and in the evenings on Fridays and at Sudbury on Tuesday mornings. For details of venues and timings see our page exercise sessions.

As well as encouraging exercise, 'Upbeat' offers a range of social and educational events to provide members with opportunities to understand and discuss 'heart issues' as well as the all important mutual support. This is particularly helpful for those for whom exercise may not be an option. 

Upbeat Heart Support Group

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