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Upbeat 100 Club Draw

Congratulations To December's 100 Club Winners
David Cook - 106 - £100 & Peggy Ranson - 135 - £26

In September 2005, a letter was sent to all members regarding the necessity and importance of fundraising to keep our group viable and able to continue to pay for the professional help we use in the way of cardiac nurses, exercise instructors and for room hire etc. We regularly run individual fund raising events and these will continue and are a tremendous help as are members generous and welcome donations and our weekly bonus lottery ball draws at each of our sessions. However, it was thought that a regular source of funding would benefit us enormously and help to fund today's needs and to help plan for the future.

Members were asked to consider a monthly tote where members buy a monthly ticket which is entered into a set money prize draw or a '100 Club' type of promotion which would be sold on the basis of yearly shares of £12 each which would entitle the owner to 12 monthly draws.

The latter type of promotion was preferred and has been registered with St Edmundsbury Borough Council under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.

After another successful year with an estimated £1,626 being raised for Upbeat funds and £1,906 given in prize money, the Committee have agreed to continue to run the '100 Club' next year. Again we will offer two prizes per month, provided there are over 200 shares sold. The first prize will be £100 per month (for the first 200 shares sold) and the second prize will be 50% of the additional shares sold. Therefore, if there are 286 shares sold the first prize will be £100 and the second prize will be £43. If there are less than 200 shares sold we will only have one prize which will be 50% of the shares sold for the month.


The Upbeat '100' Club is registered by St Edmundsbury Borough Council under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976. The following conditions apply:

a. the maximum percentage of the proceeds of the '100' Club that may be appropriated for the provision of prizes is 55%.

b. the amount of the proceeds appropriated on account of expenses (exclusive of prizes) may not exceed the expenses actually incurred or 35% of the proceeds, whichever is the less. Upbeat estimate that the maximum amount of expenses to run the `100' Club will be 5%.

Please remember that the `100' Club is open to members of Upbeat and also their family and friends — please encourage non-members to support our lottery. If you require additional application forms please telephone me.

The cost per share for the year is £12, which is equivalent to £1 per month going into the draw. You can have as many shares as you want. Please complete the application form "Download Form Now" and send with your cheque. You will be sent confirmation of your membership and the numbers allocated to you.

The full year will run February to January. Forms will be sent out the last week of December/first week in January each year and application and cheque should be received by the 18th of the month to be included in that month's draw.

Members joining during the year should send an application form and cheque for £1 per month for the proportion of the year remaining to be received by the 18th of the month. For example, if a member wants to join in September the application and cheque for £5 for the 5 remaining months should be received by 18th September.

Application Forms to apply for shares are available from David Camp, 24 Swanfield, Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 9EZ. Tel: 01787 376723 or "Download Form Now" The draws for 2017 will take place at Upbeat sessions as follows and results published at each session, in the magazine and on the Upbeat website.

The winner(s) will be notified by telephone and will receive a cheque by post within 10 days of the draw.

David Camp


Draw dates & results for the year 2017


Charlotte Day - 029 - £100

Norman Langridge - 222 - £56.50

Brian Clark - 166 - £100
James Dillon - 032 - £17.50

Debbie Crangle - 233 - £100 

Graham Bragg - 070 - £24

Graham Bragg - 070 - £100
Hilary Neeves - 207 - £26


Jean Porter - 238 - £100

David Woodward - 067 - £26

 Julius Badyan - 213 - £100
Steve Dennington -125 - £26


Yvonne Orbell - 082 - £100
Eric Bowell - 030 - £26

Rita Howell - 198 - £100
Jill Cushing - 152 - £26

Debbie Crangle - 232 - £100
Heather & Amanda Stannard - 123 - £26

Eddie Delaney - 142 - £100
Keith Bannister - 38 - £26

Ron Lawes - 155 - £100
Ray Yates - 118 - £26

David Cook - 106 - £100
Peggy Ranson - 135 - £26